Walkabout Permaculture Workshop Intensive

Tuesday, August 3 – Friday, August 6

Members of the general public are invited to join the final week of Thoreau College’s 3-week Summer Walkabout program for a 4-day intensive course on permaculture design. ‘Walkabout Permaculture’ explores Permaculture from the perspective of lives of mobility and movement from place to place and with deepest respect for, and acknowledgement of, traditional knowledge and practices, First Nations People, and the ways of our ancestors.

Participants will take up residence in the town of Viroqua, where the focus will be an intensive workshop led by permaculture designers Dr. Charlie Brennan and Bridget O’Brien of the Garden Juju Collective and Paula Westmoreland and Lindsey Rebhan of Ecological Design.

The 4-day workshop will provide an introduction to permaculture, which the instructors define as “the conscious design, redesign & practice of ecological living for all aspects of life – this includes movement towards regenerative cultures and healing of selves and places.” Some of the topics addressed will include food growing and foraging, self-care, housing, social permaculture, conservation, ecopsychology, wilding and more. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to participate in one of four afternoon electives on folk arts and crafts or more advanced permaculture design concepts.

The cost of this workshop is $500, which including lunches and materials.

TO REGISTER: Visit the Driftless Folk School registration page for this course here: