Larry Littlegeorge on “The Doctrine of Discovery”
July 28, 2021

We are excited to have Larry Littlegeorge joining us this upcoming Tuesday to start off the permaculture workshop. He will be discussing how important the repudiation of the document of discovery is. As well as the consequences the document of discovery had and still has on indigenous people to this day.

“The practice of child separation, common in its day, was a direct consequence of the Doctrine of Discovery, Littlegeorge says. In the 1400s, papal bulls granted Catholic monarchs title to lands “discovered” outside Europe, including the right to conquer people who lived there. Although the young United States Constitution prohibited establishment of religion, the Supreme Court relied upon the Doctrine to establish sovereignty over its expanding territories. It forms the basis for laws restricting sales of firearms and alcohol to Native peoples to this day.”

“He (Larry Littlegeorge) has begun work to establish a “UCC Foundation for Justice,” whose primary mission is to examine state and federal statutes and work to repeal or overturn those that continue to work their evil. Getting to the root of it, said Littlegeorge, “(we) will take care of a lot of other things.”

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