Walkabout Permaculture August 3-6

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Written by: Garden Juju Collective

Thoreau College, Driftless Folk School are offering a 4-day Walkabout Permaculture intensive course this summer 3rd – 6th of August in Wisconsin in collaboration with Bridget O’Brien, Dr Charlie Brennan of Garden Juju Collective and Paula Westmoreland and Lindsey Rebhan of Ecological Design with local Ho Chunk teachers.  This offering is as part 3 of a three week summer intensive & Summer Walkabout offered by Thoreau College course in Viroqua in the heart of Wisconsins Driftless region. This Walkabout Permaculture intensive is open to the public. Registration can be found HERE

Walkabout Permaculture explores Permaculture from the perspective of lives of mobility and movement from place to place and with deepest respect for, and acknowledgement of, Traditional knowledge and practices, First Nations People and the ways of our ancestors. This course has been developed by Charlie Brennan PhD, Bridget O Brien, Uncle Michael Jarrett & Garden Juju Collective.

This workshop is for all the people on the move – and that’s most people at least some of the time –commuters, van-lifers, travelers, students, nomads. For those on pilgrimage, between places, lost, displaced, looking…those on Walkabout. This course seeks to celebrate mobility and explore Permaculture away from the ‘homestead’ and into these uncertain times. We live in times of rapid almost unknowable change and for many, through choice or circumstance, this means lives of increasing mobility.

Permaculture is the conscious design, redesign and practice of ecological living for all aspects of life – this includes movement toward regenerative cultures and healing of selves and places. It is one of the few truly holistic approaches we can use to design any and all aspects of our lives for survival and to thrive.

Permaculture, however, is in some respects nothing new, being as old as humanity. In this course we are uplifting lives of mobility, migratory ways, exploring and illuminating the ways we relate with land and the more-than-human as well as The Commons. The practices of First Nations People, elders, our Ancestors and
our connections with ‘Country’ and Earth are centred.

Join us for urgent, exciting, stimulating, confronting, explorations. This workshop will be a mix of information, interactive reflective learning and hands-on practical projects. Participants will re-merge after the workshop with step-by plans for change and is appropriate for all people and levels of Permaculture experience.

Participants will learn about – Wild-gardening, Foraging, ecopsychology, nature healing, food forests, stories of movement through landscapes and places, sustainable travel skills, self-care, housing, social permaculture,
conservation and more.